Inflation web sites -- The best of them.

A few months ago, IIT listed our favorite web sites for staying abreast of US inflation news. More recently, IIT has learnt of another source of inflation web sites: FeedSpot's list.  IIT believes that FeedSpot's list is excellent, and has begun reading some of the Web sites described there in order to stay abreast of inflation news. 

Interestingly, of the many inflation web sites that FeedSpot lists, three of the top four sites were also on IIT's initial list, which IIT published in early October, 2022. Hence, IIT and FeedSpot seem to be in agreement as to the best or most important inflation web sites. Those top three web sites were these:

  • Mike "Inflation Trader" Ashton's blog, "E-piphany." 

Importantly, FeedSpot lists many, relevant web sites that IIT had overlooked when compiling its list in October, 2022, and IIT is grateful to FeedSpot for bringing these sites to IIT's attention.

Curiously, FeedSpot may have overlooked a few inflation sites, e.g., ShadowStats.

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Tuesday, 25 June 2024