The SPR (Strategic Petroleum Reserve) -- The petroleum commentariat discusses its depletion.

A few weeks ago, IIT reported that the USA's oil stockpile, known as the SPR, was becoming seriously depleted due to the Biden administration's decision to sell that oil in order to lower oil's price just ahead of the Congressional mid-term elections.

Now, several petroleum market observers have begun to opine on the wisdom of this rapid depletion of the nation's oil stockpile, and this issue was actively discussed on Twitter in late October, 2022. For example, this tweet (from John Arnold) received 880 likes and about 140 re-tweets:

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Why oil's price is likely to rise substantially over the near-term.

Why oil's price is likely to rise substantially before March, 2023. Oil inventories in the USA as of early Nov., 2022.

The petroleum-watching commentariat (PetWatCom) continues to forsee nothing but price increases in the near-term. Eric Nutall's tweet had received nearly 700 "likes" as of 8 Nov. 2022, and it had received very little disagreement, at least on Twitter.  Others offered similar reasons for a likely price increase.

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